All printables will be delivered in different sizes and formats. This makes it easier for you, to use the printable with the highest quality for your purposes. Below are some hints and tricks to achieve the best result.

How do I print my printable?
There are 3 ways to print:

  • Print your printable in PDF from your own printer
  • Upload your printable in JPG to an Online (print)shop (e.g. for products)
  • Print your printable in a local or online copy shop with a professional printer

When do I use PDF and when do I use JPG?
With every bought printable you will receive 3 PDF files and 3 JPG files in the sizes (h x b) 11,4 x 8,3 / 8,3 x 5,9 / 5,9 x 3,9 inch. PDF files (CMYK) are prefered if you want to print for a home device or if you want to print your printable at an (online) copy shop. If you have other ideas and want to print it on a product? Most of the times this requires a JPG file (RGB). All files will be delivered with a high resolution.

What is the difference between the colour types RGB and CMYK?
Probably you will not see any differences with your bare eyes on your computer screen, but on paper the RGB colours are most of the time a lot vaguer then CMYK colours. RGB means Red, Green and Blue. These colours are created with the support of light and are most of the times used for devices which require light. Think about your smart phone, computer screen and tablet. A printer is most of the time not able to reproduce these colours correctly, hence the vagueness on your print. CMYK is an abbriviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black), which is most suitable for your printer. Print shops will most of the time ask you for the CMYK file for the best print quality.

Note: Deviations in colour can always occur. By using CMYK colours, the chance of deviations are the lowest.

What is the best paper type to print on?
A printable with many colours can best be printed on Glossy paper, where mat paper give you the best quality for black-and-white designs. You can also experiment to find out what the best result is. If you want to print at a copyshop, check with them for the possiblities.

How do I change the size of an image?
There are multiple programs where you can change the size of a print. Read more on this page.